Branch Ergonomic Chair Review: A Writer’s Perspective

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In this Branch Ergonomic Chair Review, we’ll break down why the Verve chair is an essential writer gadget for higher productivity and better comfort.

Humans aren’t meant to sit for long periods of time. Supposedly, sitting shortens our lifespan or gives us gingivitis or something. I’m not sure; ask a scientist the next time you see one. Nevertheless, folks who find themselves in a writing profession follow a specific formula for success: butts in chairs = words on paper.

So, how do we writers reconcile that we are forever shackled to our desk chairs and thus susceptible to lower back pain, sore shoulders, and chronic gingivitis (again, you’ll have to fact-check me on that)?

Answer: Ergonomic chairs.

Before my writing career, I worked in the corporate world as a supply chain analyst (it’s about as fun as it sounds). Everyone in the office was outfitted with a standard ergonomic office chair. They weren’t the best. Aesthetically blah, these standard office chairs had swampy seat cushions, too many adjustments to get just right (God forbid someone takes your chair and adjusts the lumbar), and weighed a ton.

Jump forward to today. I am neither in the corporate world nor sitting in a substandard office chair. In fact, I am writing these words whilst sitting comfortably in my Branch chair. The Verve model, to be exact.

I purchased my Branch Verve Chair over ten months ago and haven’t looked back. As a writer, my ergonomic setup has allowed me to spend hours pounding out words on my NuPhy mechanical keyboard. No more achy backs, no more sore shoulders, and no more gingivitis.

I’m not the only one giving high praise to Branch Furniture. Forbes, Tech Radar, and Architectural Digest all list Branch’s products high on their list of best office chair recommendations.

In this article, I will review my Branch Ergonomic Verve Chair and show why I consider it an essential gadget in your writing arsenal. So take a seat, lean back, and let me take you on a wonderful adventure into the world of ergonomic design and high-quality office furniture.

Why Ergonomic Chairs Matter?

There’s no point in me convincing you that Branch ergonomic chairs are the best ergo chairs on the block if you don’t even think ergo chairs are worth the investment.

So let’s begin with five reasons why writers should invest in an ergonomic chair:

  1. Comfort and superior support 
  2. Improved focus and productivity
  3. Customizable features
  4. Better posture
  5. Prevent repetitive stress or long-term injuries

Writers are prone to specific health risks such as back pain, neck pain, wrist pain, and migraines (so much for a cushy desk job). Ergonomic chairs allow writers to improve their overall comfort with better posture and alignment. With customizable options like adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, and optimal lumbar support, you’re bound to find a good fit to support your individual needs (humans come in all unique shapes and sizes, after all).

Besides boring health reasons, ergonomic chairs give writers a productivity edge. If you constantly leave your uncomfortable, poorly padded seat, consciously or subconsciously, you waste valuable writing time and reduce your productivity. And if you’re one of those grit-and-bear-it kind of writers, you’re setting yourself up for chronic issues down the line, potentially hindering your ability to write at all.

Writing may not seem like a physically demanding job. After all, so much emphasis is placed on the mental side of writing. However, as a writer, your mind and body are your two most important tools. Serious writers take care of both.

Branch Ergonomic Chair: An Overview

Alrighty, it’s time we sit down and have a good, hard look at the Branch Ergonomic Chair, specifically their Verve chair, and what makes it my top pick for an ergonomic office chair. 

Branch’s spec sheet states, “Verve is a high-performance work chair that’s been obsessively engineered to create a striking silhouette, playful palette, and approachable ergonomics with six points of easy-to-use adjustments.”

Let’s see if I can elaborate as poetically.

The Design Aspect

Minimalistic and sophisticated, blending contemporary design with ergonomic functionality, Branch Furniture showcases a wide range of quality office products, from the Branch Task Chair to their standing desk. 

Now, I am particular about everything. Some people call it neurodivergent. I call it wanting-things-to-be-exactly-how-I-want-it. When I set out to upgrade my office furniture, I knew I wanted a daily chair as comfortable to my eyes as it was to my derrière. 

As someone who has worked in corporate land, I also wanted a chair that gave off sleeker vibes than those bulky black behemoths crowding corporate cubicles (A+ for the alliterations). Branch Furniture ticks all the boxes. 

What first caught my attention (besides the sexy, sleek design) was the color pallet. The Verve chair comes in six colors, each bringing a sense of calm to the workplace: Galaxy, Coral, Lunar, Mist, Mint, and Cobalt. I eventually settled on the Coral, a reddish-peach color that fit the warm vibe of my office. Branch impressively uses “precise color matching across materials to produce a truly unifying palette.”

Branch Verve chair color pallet

What eventually sold me is the compact, clean nature of the Verve chair. It’s neither boxy nor giving Mission Control vibes. The subtle curves, the wide seat bottom, and, most of all, the hidden mechanisms all contribute to a chair that is tempting to call a display piece instead of some boring office furniture. 

I can’t stress the hidden mechanisms enough. In my previous corporate experience, ergo, chairs had so many knobs, levers, pistons, and whatchamacallits you’d think you were about to launch into outer space.

The Branch Verve Chair’s beautiful design inspires me to sit and write. For me, that’s worth the investment.

The Functionality Aspect

Okay, the Verve chair looks great, but is sitting on it for prolonged periods comfortable? The short answer is ‘Yes’. 

The long answer depends on your overall composition as a human being. As mentioned, humans come in various shapes and sizes, and each person’s comfort level varies. 

I can only speak for 6’2”, 175ish-pound, classically handsome males (a sample size that happily includes Ryan Reynolds). I have long legs and hate chairs that cut off at mid-hamstring. The Verve chair is 20 inches wide by 19 inches long and adjusts between 17-20 inches off the ground (I have mine set at the max 20 inches).

Branch Verve chair dimensions

Previously, my old desk chair was so uncomfortable that I got up too often to take breaks…from sitting 🤦. Now, with my Verve Chair, I get up only to satisfy my insatiable need for coffee and snacks. And bathroom breaks. (I drink too much water and have the bladder of a field mouse. You do the math.)

So yes, the Verve is comfortable for a wide variety of people and is best to accommodate anyone “5’0” – 6’0” and up to 275 pounds” (according to their website).

High-quality Materials

I won’t pretend to be an engineer who knows about… Oh, wait. I technically am according to my diploma. Scratch that. I’m entirely qualified to discuss in full detail the special properties of the materials used by Branch Furniture. Or, at the very least, I can list what’s mentioned in the spec sheet.

  • 3D knit fabric: There’s your grandma’s knitting, and then there’s three-dimensional polyester-knitted weave. This stuff is equal parts supportive and comfortable and breathable. (Detailed close-up photo below.)
  • High-density foam cushion: I slept on a Tempur-Pedic foam mattress for over seven years. It’s nothing compared to the foam used in this chair. Comfy AF.
  • Polymer frame: All I can say is that the “glass-reinforced polyamide” holds up. I haven’t found any cracks or scratches.
  • Aluminum base: Even though the base assembly is made of aluminum (powder-coated aluminum, to be exact), it feels solid and sturdy.
  • Scratch-proof casters: It’s a ballsy move to go with “scratch-proof,” but these wheels live up to their name. I live in a 95-year-old house with hardwood floors. I haven’t found a scratch yet. (Another close-up photo below.)
Branch Verve backrest
Detailed close-up of mesh backrest
Branch Verve chair casters
See, no scratches

Posture-supportive Personalizations and Adjustments

So, how does one customize their Branch Verve chair to suit their needs? With six easy to use adjustments:

  • Seat height
  • Armrest height
  • Recline tension knob 
  • Lumbar height
  • Seat depth
  • Tilt and tilt lock

I could explain in detail, or you can watch this 82-second video by Branch that shows you everything you need to know:

Durability and Sustainability

If you’ve bought anything online in the last few years, you’ve probably noticed a severe drop in the quality of consumer products (I’m looking at you, Amazon). They just don’t make things like they used to. (I’m sounding like my dad now.)

However, some companies still use quality design and quality materials. Surprise, Branch Furniture is one of these companies.

Not only does the Verve chair meet Business + Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association (BIFMA) standards for commercial-grade use, but it’s also certified Greenguard Gold (meaning it doesn’t pollute your office or home).

As for sustainability, it’s one of the Branch company’s five design values:

“We strive to incorporate sustainable principles into our product life cycle, and offset in areas where we can’t.

How We Do It: Our products are built for durability and repairability to provide a long and productive life. Our Flex program lets corporate customers return furniture for a second use. We offset shipping emissions, and work with the Arbor Day Foundation to plant trees each holiday season.

Branch ergonomic chairs are built to last, and that’s the real definition of durable and sustainable.

How Much Does the Branch Verve Chair Cost?

The Branch Verve Chair costs $549 plus tax if you order the standard “Galaxy” black color. However, picking any of the other five color options will cost you $599 plus tax.

Shipping is always free, and Branch sometimes offers deals (such as $10 off if you sign up for their mailing list). 

I feel like the $599 price point is a steal for the quality and performance, especially compared to the high-end ergo chairs (that I will cover below).

You can also add a 2-year accident protection plan with Extend for an additional cost of $49.99. For things not covered in the 7-year warranty, you can read Extend’s full coverage details here.

Unpacking the Ergonomics in Branch Ergo Chair

I’d love to do an unboxing video for you all, but as I previously mentioned, I ordered my Branch Verve chair months ago. At the time, I was too excited to slow down and think, “Hold on a second, I should record myself opening this in case I need it later for a future Branch ergonomic chair review.”

Luckily, I have an excellent memory (but not the greatest foresight). So let’s break this thing open and see what’s included in your Branch delivery.

What’s Included

Your Verve chair doesn’t come pre-assembled, which I hope is no surprise. Inside your box, you will find:

  • Backrest
  • Seat
  • Right and left armrests
  • Bridge
  • Base
  • Cylinder
  • Casters
  • Hardware
  • Hex/Allen Key
  • Clear Instructions 
Branch verve chair components
Verve Chair components


Instructions for assembly for the Verve chair can be found here. But who needs written installation instructions when you have a video instead?

While we’re at it, here are all the assembly guides for all Branch items.

From what I can remember, it took me about 15 minutes to build the chair completely, with most of my time spent fending off my kids who wanted to keep playing with the box. 

With only one tool required (the Allen wrench), the setup was straightforward. In total, you only have to screw in 8 screws. So, there is no need to fear if Allen wrenches give you IKEA nightmares.

What About a Headrest?

You may have noticed something is missing: A headrest.

The Branch Ergonomic chair has a headrest that can be added to your order. However, the Verve chair does not.

Now, I did some internet sleuthing and discovered (according to Branch’s product FAQ) that they “have a headrest in the works however, it is not backward compatible at this moment given the design. More details to come in the new year!” This was posted on 11/10/2023, and I still haven’t seen any official updates.

But I did some more sleuthing and got in touch with one of their representatives (who was super nice and helpful) and had this to say:

“(A headrest) is coming out very soon. However, some chairs are a bit older so wouldn’t be able to fit the headrest. Our team is working on a plan for that.”

She then asked me to check and see if the top of the backrest had two holes in the frame. Mine did not. “I’m not sure what the plan is for customers like you, but we will have a plan,” she said.

It sounds like newer purchases of the Verve chair have two holes for a future headrest once it’s released, but older versions will be retrofitted somehow. 

Now, I don’t need a headrest. I’m very particular and don’t like feeling something on the back of my head. I feel supported by the chair and never get neck pain from typing for too long. But I know some people do need a headrest. 

The good news is that one is coming, and any new purchases have most likely been adapted to prepare for the headrest release.

Branch Furniture Ergonomic Chair Competitors

For fairness sake, I should mention that there are a LOT of different ergonomic office chairs on the market. I haven’t personally tested all of them. There’s only so much room in my tiny office space. Therefore, I’m going off of what people say about their experiences and any other information I can dig up.

We’ll look at various ergonomic office chair alternatives and compare design and style, features and ergonomics, and price range and value.

I won’t crown one as the “Best Ergonomic Office Chair” or something like that. Instead, I’ll briefly describe my thoughts and an old-school A to F rating.

To summarize, here are six alternative office desk chair options:

  1. Hforesty Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair
  2. Herman Miller Embody
  3. AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair
  4. Flexispot C8 Exclusive Ergonomic Chair
  5. Champion Seating ergonomic chairs
  6. Steelcase Series 1

Comparing Design and Style

NameDesign and Style ComparisonRating
Hforesty Ergonomic Mesh Office ChairSimilar to what you’d expect a low-priced ergonomic chair to look like. Nothing special to the bare minimum design. For someone who cares more for function than aesthetics. D
Herman Miller EmbodyA premium ergo chair. The “Pixelated Support” on the back of the chair is a bit distracting and busy, but the tapered backrest looks sleek and sophisticated.B+
AutoFull C3 Gaming ChairI can best describe this as the seat of a SpaceX rocket. It’s clunky but honestly looks comfortable. Might be a bit too much for a tranquil writing space and a better choice for gamers.B-
Flexispot C8No complaints here. Minimalist design with all mesh seat fabric for ultimate derrière breathability. Reminds me of a sleeker cousin of the Verve chair.B+
Champion SeatingSimple design, but I wouldn’t want this at my desk. Looks too corporate for my taste.C-
Steelcase Series 1A close second to the Verve chair design. Modern and sleek. I’m knocking points off for the inability to color-match all the components. Overall, a good office chair.A-

Comparing Features and Ergonomics

NameFeatures and Ergonomics ComparisonRating
Hforesty Ergonomic Mesh Office ChairLots of points of adjustments. Comes with an extendable footrest, curved lumbar support, and mesh headrest.B
Herman Miller EmbodySuperior posture with active and passive ergo supports. The matrix of pixels “automatically confirms to your micro-movements.”A+
AutoFull C3 Gaming ChairAdjustable, pillowed headrest and “3D Bionic Lumbar Support.” 2D-armrests for more versatile adjustments. Better suited for gamers than writers.B+
Flexispot C8Back supported with combination of “PU soft plastic” and hard plastic that automatically adjusts according to the user’s body weight.A
Champion SeatingSeating is made with anti-microbial and anti-bacterial foam. Built for “American body types.”C
Steelcase Series 1LiveBack® flexor system for better back support and premium breathable mesh. Weight-activated tilt tension. Comfort dial for 20% more tilt resistance.A

Comparing Price and Value

NameValue ComparisonPrice
Hforesty Ergonomic Mesh Office ChairCheaper materials (what you’d expect from Amazon).$153
Herman Miller EmbodyPremium materials, but you’re paying for the brand name and advanced ergonomic features.$2,270
AutoFull C3 Gaming ChairFaux leather, one-piece metal. Mid-range value.$310
Flexispot C8Modern and stylish without sacrificing form or function.$600
Champion SeatingOffers a wide range of sizes and adjustments.$750
Steelcase Series 1Built with sustainable, quality materials. Durable construction and extensive ergonomic features.$522

Best Branch Verve Alternative

Honestly, the best alternative to the Verve chair is Branch’s signature Ergonomic Chair. However, if you’re looking elsewhere and want something compatible, I recommend the Steelcase Series 1. Almost identical in price, quality, and style, it’s a close second to the Verve chair.

The Series 1 comes with 4-way adjustable arms (height, width, pivot, and depth) which beats the Verve’s rigid arms. However, the inability to color-match the materials is what puts the Steelcase chair behind the Verve, in my opinion. 

The Verve is just a better-looking chair. But I wouldn’t be mad to have a Steelcase Series 1 in my home office.


What are the key ergonomic features of the Verve Chair?

The Verve Chair offers adjustable lumbar support, seat depth and height, arm height, and tilt angle and tension. Not to mention the 3D knit mesh material that achieves both breathability and support for your back.

Is the Branch Furniture Verve Chair suitable for long hours of sitting?

Yes, but take a break here and there. But if you’re lost in your third draft and are subconsciously glued to your chair, the ergonomic features provide comfort and help maintain good posture.

Is the Branch Furniture Verve Chair easy to assemble?

Yes, the Verve Chair is designed for easy assembly, typically taking 10-15 minutes. No additional tools are required. All hardware and components come pre-attached.

Can the Branch Furniture Verve Chair fit in small office spaces?

Yes, the Verve Chair has a smaller footprint than many bulky ergonomic chairs. My “office” is the spare corner of our small study, and the Verve chair does not overpower the space. It’s a good chair for a small apartment.

What is the warranty policy for the Branch Furniture Verve Chair?

The Verve Chair comes with a seven-year warranty on all parts and components, covering defects or issues with the chair itself. But just to be safe, check out their warranty page for up-to-date info.

Does Branch have a return policy?

Yes, returns must be approved by Branch within a 30-day return period. They will then send you a pre-paid shipping label and instructions on how to mail your chair back. More info can be found on their return policy page.

What is the maximum weight capacity of the Verve Chair?

275 pounds.

User Reviews and Satisfaction

There’s no need to take my word for it. As mentioned, I’m writing this review for writers who need a comfortable chair and/or for Ryan Reynolds. 

Therefore, I scoured the internet looking for relevant product reviews from people who aren’t me and/or Ryan Reynolds. Here’s what I found.

Positive Feedback From Users

“I work from home and wanted a more premium chair to support my posture and backside and the Verve delivers. I had a small warranty issue that Branch was lightning fast to resolve and I was so impressed with the customer service and troubleshooting.”

“The 3D knit back is not only aesthetically pleasing but also breathable, offering cool comfort throughout the day. I care about how my office looks, and I appreciate the sleek, low-profile touch that perfectly complements my workspace.”

Negative Feedback and Critiques

“I wish there was a different solution to the arms altogether. They seem very cheap and almost flimsy compared to the build quality of the rest of the chair and seem to fit somewhat loosely so they have a bit of play in them.”

“The lumbar support is way too aggressive depth-wise, and the adjustment options (especially for a chair that’s almost $600) are lackluster. Fortunately I don’t suffer from any back issues, so I tried using it for a couple days figuring I just needed to get used to it.”

“The seat tension is difficult to adjust and my arm rests wobble slightly.”

Considerations Before Buying

If you’re almost convinced the Verve chair is right for you, just be sure to consider the following:

  • The arms of the Verve don’t always stay locked in position and are wobbly at times. Most poor reviews I read online pertain to this issue. After researching other ergo chairs, I can see how folks are disappointed with the armrest handles since they feel out of place (quality-wise) from the rest.
  • The Verve chair does not come with a headrest. However, that may change soon, according to a rep I spoke with.
  • It only accommodates folks up to 275 pounds and roughly 5’0” to 6’0” in height.

Conclusion: Is the Branch Verve Ergonomic Chair Worth it

My final verdict should come as no surprise: yes, the Branch Verve Ergonomic Chair is worth the investment, especially for those in the writing profession who work long hours at their desk. The six points of adjustment offer enough customization to make the chair fit comfortably to your body type and needs. The color selection is modern and clean. The overall look and size of the Verve chair create a centerpiece of your office without overpowering it.

I’ve been using my Verve chair for well over ten months now and still have no complaints and all praise.

Happy writing!